Godot Python MMO Tutorial Series

20 Nov 22—11 Dec 22

This is a completely free, five-lesson course intended for intermediate-to-advanced users of Python and beginners of Godot / networking.

I introduce my unique framework for an authoritative websockets MMO server, and teach how to integrate it with a relational database with Django, and a highly cross-platform game client with the Godot engine.

Videos which follow these posts are also published on YouTube.

YouTube Playlist

Accompanying blog posts

  1. Infrastructure setup and basic chatroom
  2. Login and registration
  3. Moving around!
  4. Optimising for mobile / bug fixes
  5. Avatar selection / adding graphics
  6. Security and deployment

Official GitHub releases

If you want to download the final, finished project (or the project as-is at the end of any lesson), you can download a release from the official GitHub repository.


If you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you! Either drop a comment on the YouTube videos, email me, or join the Discord to chat with me and other students!


Finally, I just wanted to say thank you so much for following along. This has been the biggest project I’ve undertaken so far and a lot of work has gone into this. If this series has helped you out and you would like to give something back to me feel free to buy me a coffee (or a beer) 🙂

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